Women’s Health

Thousands of years ago Doctors of Oriental Medicine studied, documented, and honored the delicate, exact, and perfect balance of women’s cycles. They understood that a woman’s chemistry fluctuates and moves in rhythm with nature’s cycle. Whenever an imbalance was observed, rather then augmenting artificially, they would utilize Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine to restore the body’s natural balance. They understood that when a disease was observed it was the result of a Qi blockage or misappropriation. For centuries practitioners chose the holistic approach to restore health, as opposed to looking at a particular symptom in isolation.  Practitioners of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture utilize the whole-body approach to restore health. This viewpoint considers all systems related and works to heal the whole body, rather than merely addressing physical symptoms. The result is a true restoration of balance in the body, which is lasting and more meaningful in the lives of women.